Best Real Estate Blogs in Canada: Top Canadian Sites 2022

Best Real Estate Blogs in Canada: Top Canadian Sites 2022

There are numerous ways to build wealth. Is real estate investing one such alternative to grow your net worth? Should you invest money in the vibrant housing market? What are the crucial factors influencing real estate prices in Canada? When is the right time to buy or sell? Are you scared of the mortgage stress test, and you wish to collect minute details?

So many questions you have in your mind! Where to get accurate answers to all these? Nothing to worry, when you have a whole bunch of popular Real Estate Blogs in Canada, that can cater to your different queries simply.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the trending Real Estate Blogs and websites sharing in-depth information on a variety of topics. The best part, these are not limited to real estate investing tips, but you can dig out an answer to any queries related to mortgage, investments, tax planning, money-saving hacks, frugal living, and so much more.

You wish to keep yourself updated with latest amendments and any proposed changes. Real estate blogs play a significant role here! What more to ask? Real estate news just a click away!

It’s a digital era! The World of Internet! Making yourself acquainted with the complex financial matters isn’t that difficult, as it used to be a decade ago. Think of a topic, you’ll surely find it somewhere well presented through blogs.

Best Real Estate Blogs in Canada

I am a finance freak! A Freelance content writer! And, I keep hunting for more financial content.

So, here I bring for you, a bouquet of interesting real estate blogs list, that I like and regularly follow:


A New Entrant to Our Best Real Estate Blog List! An emerging interesting site covering useful insights on Canadian Real Estate Market. You’ll get to read all about new-construction homes, pre-construction homes, best cities, neigbourhoods and much more on the booming real-estate sector in Canada.

Not only this, you can join an active community of real estate enthusiasts, professionals, agents, and answers to any of your real estate investment queries. So, what are you thinking? If you have any home buying or selling related query, go join the Best Canadian Real Estate Social Network & Forum.

1. Zoocasa Blog:

Zoocasa Real estate blog shares tips, tricks, Canadian real estate market trends and news in an elegant manner. Home buying or selling, mortgage, or personal finance topics, you’ll get it all! What attracts me the most? Their infographic section that displays useful real estate data and insightful statistics that help to understand the market very well.

2. Better Dwelling

A well-assorted bunch of real estate news, with its main focus on Toronto and Vancouver, the two priciest and overheated housing markets in Canada. Besides, you’ll find highlights from around the globe, the United States and Chinese markets. And, a forum to discuss your queries.

3. Toronto Storeys

A yet another popular real estate blog! The name itself reveals, what this could be sharing? Not only real estate news, but you’ll find a whole lot of things to explore like events, health, transportation, weather, etc. about the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

4. Point 2 Homes

You can read Canada, US, and International real estate news and get to know the wide market trends. Gather a bulk of financial tips, expert views, infographics, home buying and selling information.

Wait!! I am not endorsing any specific real estate blog. These are personal views based on my research. Individual preferences do vary, and so does this list!

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The Bottom Line

May it be learning about Canada’s First Time Home Buyer incentive, or knowing the property investment intricacies, heading over to an authoritative source sound great. Don’t you think so?

And, do you know? Over the years, Toronto and Vancouver have grown as the hottest and the priciest destinations for real estate for prospective home buyers. Ranked amongst the top ten most expensive cities (Vancouver holds the second spot, while Toronto has climbed the 6th spot) in the world, housing affordability remains a challenging issue!

It’s not that easy to own a home in such overheated markets. You are lucky if you already own one! Besides major cities in Canada, even if you think to buy a home anywhere else, gathering additional details online will surely help.

Real estate investment is your biggest lifetime financial move. Moreover, buying or selling a home can turn out to be an overwhelming exercise. Now, whether you are a buyer or a seller, you must keep your real estate investing basics very clear. So, following and reading reliable blogs can enhance your knowledge and awareness. Which one is your favorite? Do drop in the comment section below.

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